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Caves and karst of Peninsular Malaysia. A register (Liz Price)

A register of the limestone caves and hills of Peninsular Malaysia. It lists more than 500 hills and 700 caves. 98pp, with photos and surveys, and lots of info on Malaysian caves. There are sections on a brief history of Malaysia, karst geology, statistics of hills and caves, archaeology and history of cave exploration, 19th century visitors to Malaysian caves, modern usage, flora and fauna. There is an indexo of the hills and caves. Published 2001. For details of how to order, contact me.

Malaysian Cave Bibliography (Liz Price)

This bibliography covers the whole of Malaysia, i.e. Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak, and contains more than 1800 references to Malaysian caves and karst, dating from the 1700s to 1997. The references are collected from worldwide sources. In addition there is an extensive newspaper biblio covering 1968 1997. Other pages provide an introduction to Malaysian caves and history, and there is a map, glossary and illustrations. It is an invaluable reference work for anyone interested in limestone caves and karst, archaeology, conservation, flora and fauna, geomorphology, geology, hydrology, history etc, as well as for the sporting caver who wants to learn more about Malaysian caves. 98pp. 1998. For details of how to order, contact me.

The natural and other histories of Batu Caves (Shaharin Yussof)

This book, although relatively simple, provides information on the natural history and conservation status of the Batu Caves hill and caves. It is a new book, but is somewhat based on the 1971 book, `A Guide to Batu Caves' by Soepadmo and Ho published by MNS. The main emphasis on this new book is the invertebrate fauna and ecology of the Dark Cave, and a lot of the book concentrates on Dark Cave. There is also a lengthy guide to the Hindu temple caves. 1997. A5 soft cover, pp.i-ix, 1-55, +46 colour plates. To order, contact me.

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