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International caving expeditions to Peninsular Malaysia

There are few cavers in Malaysia and no active caving clubs. Much of the exploration work and documentation of Malaysian caves has been done by foreign spelaeologists. Expeditions regularly go to Mulu, but few choose the peninsula despite the fact there are many caves waiting to be surveyed. Various international caving expeditions have explored caves in Peninsular Malaysia in recent years, they include :


1996, 1998 - Axbridge Caving Group (UK) Perlis 1996 and Perlis 1998.
The ACG made 2 reconnaissance trips and 2 full expeditions to explore the caves of Perlis. They explored, filmed and surveyed many new caves, and documented the cave fauna. In 1996 2192m of cave passage was discovered, and 1628m in 1998. Expedition reports were published. See : Perlis 1996 and 1998 expedition reports.

During the Axbridge Caving Group Thailand & Malaysia Expedition December 2000 - January 2001 the cavers visited one cave, Gua Tok Yed on Langkawi, Kedah. See : Thailand Malaysia, p41-43.

2010 - In July 3 cavers from South Wales explored caves in Perlis. However new and complicated regulations for obtaining permits cut short the expedition, so they moved to Langakwi, Kedah.

left click for larger picture

colourful cavers from Perlis 1996 expedition

left click for larger picture

long straw in Perlis cave


1993 - a team of German cavers surveyed Gua Tempurung, Gua Kelawar and Gua Layang Layang in Perak.

1998 - Cavers from Verein für Höhlenkunde in Obersteier, Germany, explored and surveyed Batu Kurau (Anak Kurau) & Gua Cicak (Gunung Lanno) in Perak.

Then various recce trips were made to caves in Perak, resulting in an expedition Gunung Lanno 2001. In November 2001 a group of ten speleologists, under the lead of the Verein für Höhlenkunde in Obersteier held an expedition in the Kinta Valley, Peninsular Malaysia. During three weeks, 32 caves were documented and 12 kilometres of passages surveyed. See VHO 2001 Lanno - click on activities, Malaysia (in German). The expedition book was published in 2005.

2001 - cavers from Adelaide, Australia surveyed 3 caves in Perak, Gua Anak Tempurung, Gua Kanthan and Gua Kandu.

left click for larger picture

Lanno cavers

left click for larger picture

Gua Gereja Hujan


1990 - French cavers under Le Speleo Club de l'Aerospatiale explored caves in Kenong Rimba Park in Pahang, especially at Gunung Putih, and documented their results.

1999 - French cavers from Spelaeological Society of the Ariege - Pays d'Olmes, SSAPO, visited Gua Peningat and the Merapoh area in northern Pahang.

2012 - "Croatia Malaysia Speleo 2012". 9 cavers from Croatia to Merapoh area, 10-19 Sept. Together with the locals we explored more than 25 caves and surveyed the larger ones. The best find was a superb river cave with cascades and waterfalls. Found on 16 Sept and named Gua Hari Malaysia, it is about 930 m long and is one of the best river caves in the Peninsula. I have posted some photos in 8 parts on my caves blog. Some of these Merapoh hills are in danger of being quarried. Since the expedition I returned to look for more caves with Laili Basir 1-3 Nov 2012 and we found another 14 caves. I've posted 3 albums. A brief report on cavingnews. Exploration is ongoing in the area and more than 65 caves are known (Feb 2013).

2013 - In Feb 4 Japanese cavers went to Kenong Rimba, and then Merapoh. Unfortunately they were refused permission on arrival to go to Gua Peningat in Taman Negara. So they spent the time surveying caves around Merapoh. They then looked at caves around Gua Musang in Kelantan.

left click for larger picture

left click for larger picture

The Croatian-Malaysian team

left click for larger picture

Japanese cave logo


In 2006 some French cavers surveyed about 15 caves in Kelantan, Gua Musang area.

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